Deputy Chief of Party Finance and Administration

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Deputy Chief of Party Finance and Administration
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La description

Responsibilities and Tasks

Job Responsibility #1

General Management

This includes:

• Member of CARE Cameroon SMT and CHAMP II SMT;
• Act as acting COP when COP is absent and supervise all CHAMP II team both financial and technical;
• Liaison with donor, consortium partners, CBOs, and all other stakeholders as needed;
• Leadership to finance and operations aspects of the project, including general administrative processes, financial management, sub award management, accounting, and logistics;
Position Description. Revised 7/22 2
• Sound and transparent accounting and fiscal control procedures for financial, sub award and operations aspects of the project;
• Ensure compliance of financial and operations systems with CARE policies and procedures, USAID rules and regulation, award requirements, and Government of the Cameroon laws;
• Develop, analyze and monitor program budgets; monitor and track obligations and expenditures against budgets;
• Manage project procurement processes;
• Advise senior leadership regularly on management, financial, administrative, and operations-related matters;
• Provide technical assistance, as needed, to local partners on financial compliance and reporting;
• Prepare and submit annual and quarterly financial and accrual reports to USAID;
• Contribute to the development of high-quality work plans, quarterly and annual reports, financial reports, and any other reports required by USAID;
• Liaise with internal and external auditors in the review of project financial management;
• Represents the program at required levels in coordination with the COP

• Supports COP to provide strategic leadership to CHAMP II and ensures coordination with actors like the NACC (National AIDS Control Coordination), DLMEP, DROS, Consortium Partners such as JHU, Metabiota, and CRD-MAS and all CBOs for effective (interagency) co-ordination
• In consultation with COP where necessary take the logistics lead in inter-agency co-ordination at the general and/or sectoral level
• Assist COP to network and build alliances for improved program implementation and learning

• Support COP in accessing the next level of funding from USAID

Job Responsibility # 2

Finance, Administration, and Subgrants team staff management

The DCOP Finance and Administration will provide overall management and oversight of the Regional Operations Manager and Team, Subgrants Manager and Team, IT Manager and team.

This includes:

• Setting direction and providing oversight for sub-grants planning, allocation, financial tracking and reporting
• Providing regular, timely and effective feedback
• Promotion of job wellness, personal development, and safety among staff
• Ensuring compliance with Cameroon, CARE, and USAID regulations

Job Responsibility #3

Financial management of the CHAMP II program

he DCOP Finance and Administration shall have principal responsibility for overall financial management of the program to ensure that financial planning, allocation, tracking and reporting tasks are successfully met. S/he will ensure that all financial management is handled according to USAID rules and regulations, and that records are kept and financial reports submitted in a timely manner. S/he will work with the local Cameroonian community-based partner organizations to ensure that their financial systems are sound.

This includes:

• Providing overall guidance, oversight and accountability for financial planning, allocation and expenditures for CARE, consortium partners (Metabiota and Johns Hopkins) and local community-based organization partners
• Ensuring that partners and CARE provide monthly and/or quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial accrual and expenditure reports according to USAID regulations

• Supporting auditing and compliance teams from both USAID and CARE with timely responses, data and feedback as requested
• Ensuring financial data are filed and easily retrievable

Job Responsibility #4

Program reporting and documentation

The DCOP Finance and Administration will be the primary point of contact for information on the progress and current status of all financial activities under the agreement and will establish appropriate mechanisms to ensure that progress and specific financial concerns are regularly and promptly reported as outlined in the cooperative agreement.

This includes:

• Packaging and delivering financial accruals and reports to USAID per the reporting calendar outlined in the cooperative agreement
• Development and/or revision of annual work plan budgets and quarterly estimated expenditures
• Monthly IPIA and Income Information Reports to Shared Services;
• VAT reporting
• Re-budgeting as needed
• Regular communications with CARE USA, CARE France, Consortium Partners, CBOs, and USAID as needed

Job Responsibility # 5

Perform other duties, as assigned

DATE LIMITE : 2/08/2019
Email Direct :


Éducation minimum
MBA / Masters
Expérience requise
10 Années
Pas défini
Les langues
  • Gestion Administrative
  • Gestion De Projet

Qualifications (Know-How)

Indicate the minimum required level of education, experience, and skills necessary to qualify for the position and fulfill the organization's expectations for job performance. Also include the education, experience, and skills desired for the position.


e.g. high school diploma; college degree (specify major/minor); specialty (CPA, Midwife, etc.). Include the following phrase when possible: “or equivalent combination of education and work experience”


• Masters level training in Business Administration, Accounting or a related field Desired
• Understanding of rules and regulations related to USAID project funding and reporting requirements
• Understanding the different mechanisms of contracting with CBOs Experience Number of months/ years of previous professional experience in a similar position Required
• At least 10 years of experience in successful financial management of international projects, including financial oversight of USAID-funded projects • Significant experience working with community-based organization financial management and support
• Experience with USAID financial rules and regulations
• Demonstrated skills in effectively negotiating financial contracts and budgets with host governments, donors, UN agencies and other USAID projects, local organizations and partners
• Ability to train, develop and manage staff
• Ability to manage agreements and all required programmatic and financial reporting requirements
• Ability to perform internal control functions to manage day-to-day operations
• Fluency in speaking, reading and writing in English and French

Technical Skills

Examples: languages; planning; budgeting; word-processing, basic accounting; advanced written communications; presentations; fundraising; training/facilitation, etc.:


-Excellence in financial planning, allocation, management and reporting
-Excellence in management of processes for planning and budgeting
-Ability to think strategically
- Ability to work in a fast-paced and extremely time-sensitive environment
Strong oral, written skills and analytical skills
Computer literacy
Motivator of staff and a self-starter
Negotiation skills
Staff training and support skills
Communication skills
Presentation skills both in the design and presentation of information
Proficiency in French


Given the responsibilities and level of accountability of the position, please list the performance competencies in order of importance. These will be used both for recruitment and performance management.

Excellence in financial management
Contribution to efficient outcomes and deliverables

Excellence in supporting local organizations to plan and manage their finances independently and sustainably Respect
Staff development and capacity




Information Monitoring

Building partnerships: S/he will have the ability to establish partnerships with CARE programs/projects and external NGOs/INGO implemented programs

Innovation: S/he will be able to find innovative and effective solutions for impact measurement and program quality to optimize financial resources.

Strategic decision making: S/he will be required and therefore should have the capacity to provide strategic directions to program themes and activities so that they are effective and efficiently executed and desired program impact is realized and the activities are sustainable.

Initiating action: S/he will be have a proactive personality and the ability to implement at the right time/within the time frame of the program

Contribute to team success: S/he will work with the various departments and leads within the program and the country office by streamlining activities so that it contributes to the team’s success and contributes to the goals of the program and the mission of CARE International in Afghanistan.

Culturally sensitive management: S/he will work towards and have the capacity to mainstream and develop team and partners conflict sensitive approaches in CHAMP II program so that she develops a cultural and habit of sensitive management style in a multicultural environment.

Staff Mentoring: S/he will be required and will have the ability to mentor a team of professionals including experts.


Nom de l'employeur

Care International

À propos de notre entreprise

Care International est une association humanitaire fondée en 1945 aux États-Unis, à la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, avant le Plan Marshall. Il s'agit aujourd'hui d'un réseau international, l'une des plus importantes ONG : en termes de budget, 700 millions d'euros Wikipédia

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