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Deputy Chief of Party - Programs (DCOPP)
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Responsibilities and Tasks

Describe the major responsibilities, principal tasks, competencies and end results for which the position is accountable (limit responsibilities to five). Include WHY it is done and the impact to the organization. List the responsibilities in the order of importance and state the percentage of time the employee spends on each responsibility during a typical year.

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 1 - Technical assistance and guidance on the provision of comprehensive HIV services across the cascade

The DCOPP will serve as the technical lead in supporting consortium partners, the TLO, and local sub-partners to implement HIV and related services at international best practice standards.

Specific tasks will include the following:

• Collaborate with consortium and local partners to conduct community-based needs assessment (as relevant), and assessment of technical capacity and training needs among partner staff

• Develop technical capacity strengthening plans; implement, monitor, and adjust plans through the course of the agreement

‘• Support partners to conduct community and virtual hotspot and network mapping

• Collaborate with CHAMP II partner and technical staff to develop/adapt and implement comprehensive, differentiated models of HIV prevention, care and treatment for key and priority populations, including SOPs, job aids, and tools to ensure that interventions are implemented with fidelity

• Engage with the CARE USA STA, other consortium technical experts, PEPFAR technical leads, global experts/agencies, web-based resources and journals, and forums to ensure CHAMP II models, approaches, and tools are persistently up-to-date

• Provide consistent, quality monitoring and supervision in collaboration with CHAMP II technical team members and partner technical and leadership staff, and guidance to address challenges in achieving PEPFAR targets and CHAMP II benchmarks

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 2 - Supervision of CHAMP II technical team members to manage for results

The DCOPP will supervise a team of four technical leads who jointly will ensure that the TLO, sub-partners, and collaborating partners, have the requisite oversight and support needed to achieve PEPFAR targets and provide high-quality, comprehensive, client-friendly services. Specific duties will include the following:
• Provide technical support, leadership, and guidance to the CHAMP II technical team through regular meetings (weekly, monthly, quarterly), group planning and problem-solving sessions, one-on-one coaching, and guided self-teaching opportunities

• Ensure all technical staff clearly and comprehensively understand PEPFAR and global guidance (i.e. WHO) on the provision of comprehensive, differentiated HIV and related services

• Strengthen TLO technical management capacity to provide coaching and supervision to sub-grantee partners

• Identify risks and challenges that affect staff engagement and performance, and propose and implement measures to mitigate and address them in a timely fashion

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 3 - Steward relationships with relevant stakeholders

The DCOPP will have specific roles in ensuring that the TLO and other potential sub-partners plan and work effectively with USAID, other USG agencies and partners, and the Government of Cameroon. Specific duties will include the following:

• Develop and maintain strong relationships with relevant USG technical staff including the USAID Health Officer, USAID Agreement Officer Representative (AOR), the Senior Program Management Specialist, the M&E Specialist, and select staff from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Peace Corps, the Department of Defense, and the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC)

• Collaborate with the COP, CARE Cameroun Country Director, ODTTA, and other team members to ensure effective coordination with key partners, including the Ministry of Public Health, the National AIDS Control Council, CHAMP consortium partners, the Cameroon Baptist Convention, the HIV-Free Consortium, the Elizabeth Glazer Foundation, Catholic Relief Services, and local organizations partnered/collaborating with CHAMP II

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 4 - Share lessons learned and represent CHAMP II in national and international fora

The DCOPP will represent CHAMP II and engage in national and international fora to learn from and share experiences in implementation of HIV continuum services for key and priority populations. Specific tasks may include the following:

• Work with CHAMP II consortium team members as relevant to document, publish, and/or present challenges and best practices in the implementation of HIV cascade services for key and priority populations (at national and international meetings, work shops, and planning and review sessions)

• Represent CHAMP II in national planning meetings and discussions, including the development of national strategic plans and policies, that include planning, delivery, monitoring, and evaluation of relevant HIV and related services for key and priority populations

JOB RESPONSIBILITY 5 - Lead data use for decision making, reporting, and quality assurance and improvement measures

The DCOPP will work closely with the M&E teams from CHAMP II, the TLO, and local partners to ensure that data are analyzed to pivot and course correct in real time. Specific activities will include the following:

• Lead the development, adaptation, and/or revision of quality assurance standards, tools, and monitoring systems, and the development of action plans and improvement measures

• Lead the review of Site Improvement through Monitoring Systems (SIMS) action plans, and support the TLO and sub-grantees to address underperformance and consistently meet quality standards

• Support the M&E leads within CHAMP II and among sub-partners and the ODTTA to utilize program (and additional qualitative) data to gauge performance against benchmarks and PEPFAR targets, identify potential gaps and causes, and develop solutions to address gaps

• Support the COP, CARE USA STA, M&E leads within CHAMP II and among sub-partners, and ODTTA to develop monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual reports for USAID (and additional reporting as required)

DATE LIMITE : 2/08/2019
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Éducation minimum
MBA / Masters
Expérience requise
10 Années
Pas défini
Les langues
Anglais, Français
  • Infirmerie
  • Infirmière De Salle D'Opération
  • Infirmière Unité De Soins Intensifs

Qualifications (Know How)

Indicate the minimum required level of education, experience, and skills necessary to qualify for the position and fulfill the organization’s expectations for job performance. Also include the education, experience, and skills desired for the position.

Education / Training E.g. high school diploma; college degree (specify major/minor); specialty (ex. Accounting). Include the following phrase when possible: “or equivalent combination of education and work experience.”

• At least a masters’ level degree in public health, sexual, reproductive, maternal health, behavioral/social science, nursing, international development or other related/relevant fields, or equivalent combination of education and work experience, with training and experience in project management
• Experience working with on HIV programming with key populations including men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs, etc.

Masters level or higher in sexual/reproductive health and HIV and training in the delivery of differentiated HIV-related service packages for key populations

Experience/Technical Skills Number of months/ years of previous professional experience in a similar position. Examples: languages; planning; budgeting; word-processing, basic accounting; advanced written communications; presentations; fundraising; training/facilitation, etc.

• At least 10 years of experience providing technical support and leadership for complex public health programing in HIV/AIDS and/or sexual health funded by USAID or international agencies, ideally in francophone West or Central Africa
• Demonstrated ability in concepts, principles, methods and techniques of delivering public health programs for HIV/AIDS
• Demonstrated skills in effectively negotiating with host governments, donors, UN agencies and other USAID projects, local organizations and partners
• Strong oral and written communication skills; excellent demonstrated interpersonal and negotiation skills.
• Proven leadership skills. Demonstrated experience managing a technical team.
• Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with host governments, donors, other donor-funded projects and stakeholders, local organizations, and partners.
• Demonstrated strong commitment to gender equity and diversity.
• Fluency in written and spoken English and French

DATE LIMITE : 2/08/2019
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Nom de l'employeur

Care International

À propos de notre entreprise

Care International est une association humanitaire fondée en 1945 aux États-Unis, à la fin de la Seconde Guerre mondiale, avant le Plan Marshall. Il s'agit aujourd'hui d'un réseau international, l'une des plus importantes ONG : en termes de budget, 700 millions d'euros

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